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Changing the face of the industry, one jeweller at a time


We believe in making the fine jewellery industry more accessible and more sustainable while inspiring originality and creativity. Hatton Jewellery Institute is the only dedicated space in Hong Kong with a focus on technical training, equipping the next generation of craftsmen and women with traditional skills.


Behind The Scenes

Take a glimpse into our Student Spotlight, featuring an interview with an HJI student sharing his experience completing the Ultimate Jewellery Making Programme.


Special Experiences

Create a beautifully carved Chinese character inspired charm pendant this Chinese New Year or a beautiful keepsake carrying a hidden message for your Valentine.


Chinese New Year CHARM Jewellery Making Workshop

Create a beautifully carved Chinese character inspired charm pendant. Experience craftsmanship of fine jewellery making, and take away a keepsake symbol of happiness, good fortune or love to celebrate in the new year.

Locket 6.jpg

Make Your Own Letter Locket

Be Mine…Create your own beautiful keepsake carrying a hidden engraving or even a secret, handwritten note for your Valentine. Create your own Letter Locket in sterling silver in a single, masterclass session.


Hatton Design Community

Hatton Jewellery Institute equips the next generation with technical skills and inspire creativity. We encourage our students to join our Hatton Design Community with access to shared co-working space dedicated to the creative jewellery making industry.



We offer flexible and permanent bench rentals for students and jewellery designers. Availability is limited. 


Experiences & Taster Sessions

Book an experience day from making wedding bands to cuff links and money clips to love lockets. Or give the gift of a taster session for our jewellery making course.


Corporate Training

Programmes are designed to educate professionals in the jewellery and luxury industry to become expert leaders of their field.  
From team building experiences to collaborative learning in a unique and dedicated creative environment. 

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Book a tour

Meet our tutors with years of industry experience and visit the space designed to support and nurture our students.


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