Central Saint Martins (CSM) Short Courses

availability: september 2019 - june 2020

Fixed schedule to assigned PROJECTS

The Programme is supported by the world-renowned Central Saint Martins (CSM) short course unit. This exciting programme will be digitally led by the CSM, Jewellery Design BA (Hons) first year tutor, Anastasia Young, with support from our experienced HJI teaching team.

Designed to encourage students to discover their own creative voice the course is a great introduction to higher education in the arts. With part of the course being based in the workshop and the rest focusing on design development, research skills analytical thinking it is a well-rounded programme suited to both those wanting to launch their own brands or those wanting to move into a full degree programme in jewellery or the applied arts.

As with all of the HJI programmes we strive to ensure we offer as much flexibility as is possible. As such we have created multiple variations of the programme to accommodate different schedules and areas of interest.

As we will be releasing the project list* in advance this allows students to cherry pick the subject matter that they are most interested in. This option is ideal for those with existing experience wanting develop areas they feel lacking in or those wanting the most flexibility.

Certificate of Attendance will be provided by CSM

programme overview:

Project 1 - September 2019

Design & Research Based Courses - Introduction to Jewellery Design

This session covers the importance of research and source material, including the use of moodboards, muses and non-visual stimuli - text, abstract / conceptual ideas. Photos, drawings, collage and objects are all encouraged as part of this process.

Project 2 - October 2019

Design & Research Based Courses - The Sketchbook

Focussing on the interpretation of ideas and visuals, we will set the parameters of the design project. Through drawing exercises, the development of initial ideas will be pushed further. Different styles of drawing will be explored to help students find their individual styles.

Project 3 - november 2019

Design & Research Based Courses - Design Development

Specific aspects of jewellery will be considered in this session, from the different types of jewellery forms (such as rings, earrings, bracelets) and their technical limitations, to the materials and techniques used to realise the physical objects. All of these factors have an impact on the design brief.

Project 4 - January 2020

Workshop Based Courses - Design Refinement

This session explores the importance of using 3D models and maquettes as a tool in the design process. Model-making is a key step in realising a 3D form to discover and rectify any issues with form, function, scale and technical aspects.

Project 5 - february 2020

Design & Research Based Courses - Design Evaluation

What makes a successful practical design, and what makes a great design are not necessarily the same thing. We will explore critical judgement of different design styles using a range of criteria, allowing students to develop their tastes and analytic skills.

Project 6 - March 2020

Workshop Based Courses - Building a Collection

Designing related groups of jewellery pieces can be challenging. Several techniques for generating variations on a theme will be explored, as well as critical evaluation of the resulting groups of objects.

Project 7 - April 2020

Workshop Based Courses - Designing for wax carving and production

Wax carving allows for complex form and surface designs to be created in 3D objects. The design possibilities and limitations of this manufacturing process will be considered in order to create designs which translate successfully into this medium.

Project 8 - May 2020

Design & Research Based Courses - Designing & Fabrication

This session is focussed on the more technical side of design - design briefs often include specific information about budget or materials required. The use of technical drawings during the design process is crucial in the planning of a successful outcome - these drawings contain essential information about how the piece will be made.

Project 9 - June 2020

Workshop Based Courses - Technique-Led Designing

Students often develop pieces through working directly with materials and processes. This session aims to equip students with practical design solutions to help them generate unique jewellery forms with the limitations of a particular technique or material.

Project 10 - June 2020

Critical Appraisal of Course Outcomes

Key aspects of the previous nine weeks will be reiterated and discussed in order to give a comprehensive overview of the design process. Students will have developed their own design styles and their critical judgement; they will discuss their own work and engage in peer review.

Entry requirements

No previous experience required.


Programme structure includes a combination of online lectures, and HK tutorial (group and private) courses.

For schedule inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)


*All projects are heavily supported with dedicated workshop time. However, the workload is designed to accommodate those with other commitments such a part time work, additional study or family obligations. Start date September 2019.

1) One Year Full Programme:

  • Full Programme - 10 projects
    Cost: HK$ 65,000

  • Semester 1: Sep - Nov 2019
    For cost inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)

  • Semester 2: Jan - Mar 2020
    For cost inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)

  • Semester 3: Apr - Jun  2020 (x2 projects in Jun)
    For cost inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)

2) Half Programme:

  • 5 Projects Design & Research Based Courses
    Required project months: Sep, Oct, Nov 2019, Feb, May 2020
    For cost inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)

  • 6 Projects Workshop based Courses
    Required project months: Nov 2019, Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun 2020 (2 projects in Jun)
    For cost inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)

2) Stand-alone Projects:

  • Each Design & Research Based Course
    Choose one project
    For cost inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)

  • Each Workshop based Course

    Choose one project
    For cost inquiry, email info@hjiasia.com (or fill below form)



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