Jewellery Making Summer Programme


August 17, Saturday. 11:30am - 1:00pm

August 21, Wednesday, 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Course information:

Duration : 64 sessions / 160 hours
availability: June - September

Rolling schedule or continuously around 8 weeks to complete programme

Our Jewellery Making Summer Programme is designed to take beginners through to advanced level in just 8 weeks. The Programme encompasses all aspects of jewellery making from saw piercing, soldering, filing and finishing techniques to wax carving and gem setting. Develop silversmithing techniques used by professionals and discover your own creative potential.

Students are taught to fully understand fine metals and how to fabricate a jewellery piece from beginning to end.

Learn to use the rolling mill and draw bench to make silver in your preferred shapes and sizes. We operate through a rolling schedule which allows you the flexibility to choose your own course schedule.

The Summer Programme allows each student to create elaborate designs and challenge themselves both creatively and technically.

programme overview:

Level 1 - Beginner (16 Sessions)

  • Introduction to jewellery making and traditional craftsmanship

  • Saw piercing, soldering, filing and finishing techniques

  • Traditional jump rings and chains making techniques

  • Learn techniques to fully understand the jewellery making process


LEVEL 2 - FOLLOW on (16 Sessions)

  • Upon completion of Level 1, you will completely fabricate a piece from beginning to end using more complicated techniques

  • Create HJI Signature hinged locket project

  • Learn advanced polishing techniques and refine existing techniques

  • From melting and pouring the metal to rolling, making wire and tube, master classes in soldering

  • More complex forms using hinging, riveting or multiple joints

  • Proper use of the rolling mill and draw bench to make silver into different sizes and shapes

  • Mentoring through original design and problem solving

LEVEL 3 - Wax CARVING (16 Sessions)

  • Learn fundamental aspects of wax carving

  • Design, carve and cast a sculptural form – exploring the 3D capability of wax

  • Aspects of creativity, developing own style and techniques

  • In preparation to following gem setting course

  • ***Wax is included, silver casting fee is not included


  • Explore different methods of gem setting

  • Different settings: bezel setting, claw setting and flush setting
    (Students have option to add more classes for gem settings techniques)

  • Choice and properties of gems

    (Up to 22 grams of silver will be provided in each level)



No previous experience required.
Age 14 +


Early Bird Promotion: $34,200 (Sign up before the end of the month)
Bring a Friend Special Offer: $34,200 per person (Sign up with a friend)

Class Schedule
The class schedule is flexible.
Offer up to 13 classes per week. Each session is 2.5 hours. It is a rolling schedule for beginner course and intensive programme so you can book your classes week by week and pick any session to attend from given schedule. It doesn't need to be in a row.
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Top Up
Ultimate Programme has already included 3 gem setting techniques. With the top up options you can add more gem setting techniques according to your interests.

  1. Bezel Setting (Cabochon)

  2. Claw Setting

  3. Flush Setting
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You can top up for extra 3 types of gem setting, extra 16 sessions (extra HK$9,500)

  4. Tube Setting

  5. Collet Setting

  6. Crown Setting
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You can top up for extra 6 types of gem setting, extra 32 sessions (extra HK$19,000)

  7. Tension Setting

  8. Bezel Setting (Faceted Stone)

  9. Prong Setting (from Square Rod)



For more information on our courses or to book a tour of the Hatton Jewellery Institute, contact our team.

Class Schedule:

All courses are on rolling schedule. Students can pick any day to start their course or combine evening and day classes.

Cancellation and Rebooking Policy:

Hatton Jewellery Institute operates a 24 hour rebooking policy on all classes. Late cancellation or absence will result in forfeiting of class or re-booking fee.

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