Cold Enamelling Taster Session

Duration : 1 session / 2.5 hours

Enamelling as a technique can be traced as far back as the 13th century BC in the discovery of Cypriot made enamelled rings. From that point on, the use of vitreous enamel, (the process of fusing glass powder to metal), has evolved in complexity to give us some truly extraordinary art work on metal.

However, in recent years, (comparative to the history of enamel), the use of cold enamel has become more prominent – with the availability of ever more sophisticated technology enabling these epoxy resin products to be used by everyone from beginners through to high jewellery artists.

It is the latter of the two enamelling techniques that we will be introducing in this taster class.

Cold enamel works through a precise combination of resin, colour and hardener – with the chemical reaction resulting in a curing of the enamel into a hardened surface.


session includes:

  • Learn how to plan the colour layers of your design, work precisely and efficiently (as, once mixed, the enamel starts curing immediately), and transfer the design by ‘painting’ the resin onto the metal.

  • At the end of the class, each student will finished with a completed pendant or pair of earrings – using one of the provided silver design templates – with chain if needed.

  • Class cost inclusive of designed pendant, silver chain, tools and materials in the class.

  • Maximum 9 people in the class.



No previous experience required.
Age 14 +






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Cold Enamelling Taster Session
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