I always wanted to learn about jewellery-making, the whole procedure of learning and making. I now have a better understanding on the techniques/materials and a better view on how I need to plan my schedule when I decide to make a jewellery piece. It is an extremely Interesting art that gives you the chance to create unique pieces! I would recommend HJI to my friends. I had the best time, learned so much and met so many great people! The studio is just great!
— Maria G.

Love the instructors, the learning atmosphere and the studio itself! I enjoy learning at my own pace. The instructors let you really use your imagination and creativity when trying to make a piece. They really teach in detail and with clarity of jewellery making in a patient and kind way. I love going to the studio because it has the most positive vibe and the camaraderie is great.
— Vilma

I have already recommended Hatton to friends. They offer a more personal way of creating wedding bands.
— Ed Bosher

(Hatton) was the only English speaking institute offering classes in jewellery making in HK. The staff are always available to answer questions and give advice. I would definitely recommend HJI.
— Anonymous

Everyone is very friendly, positive and supportive. At Hatton, you learn at your own pace which I quite enjoy, I feel no stress and I eventually get more comfortable making Jewellery. I would absolutely recommend HJI.
— July

I was inspired to join Hatton the moment I stepped in. The opportunity to bring my skills to a jewellery creative collective and to become part of a special community. Joining Hatton inspires creativity and inspires you to push yourself. I would absolutely recommend HJI.
— Stephany

I was looking to rent a bench, so that I could branch out and create my own brand. All of the staff at Hatton have been so friendly and welcoming. They are so genuine and it’s always pleasant coming into the studio. Jan is also a fantastic instructor. The facility has pretty much all the tools and machinery you need to create a piece from start to finish. I would recommend HJI.
— Leslie

The flexibility of the rolling schedule suits me so well. The teachers are always supportive and encouraging. It has greatly enhanced my ability to work on delicate and complicated projects. I can now make more meaningful gifts to family and friends. I would highly recommend HJI.
— Leung, King Keung

I love design and have always been a creative person, so the ability to learn the techniques involved in jewellery adds to the other design elements I already have! I would absolutely recommend HJI.
— Amanda Hunt