Love Letter Proposal & Engagement Ring Design Masterclass

Love Letter Proposal & Engagement Ring Design Masterclass


Duration : 3 sessions / 4 hours

give her the chance to design her own engagement ring

Thinking of popping the question but not sure she’ll like the ring you chose? Before you spend your savings on an engagement ring she might not like, you can now gift her a private session on ring design with one of Hong Kong’s most sought after jewellery designers, Nathalie Melville.

The Love Letter Proposal is gifted as a sterling silver locket in a box, engraved with your own message, so you can still get down on one knee and surprise her. She’ll be grateful you gave her the opportunity to create something that’s truly unique and representative of her own style.

session includes:

  • Silver Locket engraved with your own proposal message

  • 3 sessions with Nathalie Melville to design your own engagement ring

  • Finished design, drawn from multiple angles

3 sessions (4 hours)

Session 1 :  1 hour consultation with Creative Director getting to understand the inspirations and influences of the client.

Session 2:  2 hour class with digital mood boards prepared by Nathalie in advance, during which she will walk through the design process, honing in on the concept and evolving the design ideas.

Session 3: 1 hour class during which time Creative Director will teach the basics of technical drawing, whilst completing the design, preparing a 3 view rendering.

No previous experience required.
Age 14 +

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