Hatton Jewellery Institute announces collaboration with the world-renowned Central Saint Martins (CSM) Short Courses


Hatton Jewellery Institute (HJI) is delighted to announce that we are launching a one year jewellery programme in Hong Kong, supported by the world-renowned Central Saint Martins (CSM) short course unit.    

This exciting course will be digitally led by the CSM, Jewellery Design BA (Hons) first year tutor, Anastasia Young, with support from our experienced HJI teaching team, including HJI founder and CSM alumni herself, Nathalie Melville.

Designed to encourage students to discover their own creative voice the course is a great introduction to higher education in the arts. 

With part of the course being based in the workshop and the rest focusing on design development, research skills analytical thinking it is a well-rounded programme suited to both those wanting to launch their own brands or those wanting move into a full degree programme in jewellery or the applied arts.


Central Saint Martins (CSM) is one of the six colleges that make up the umbrella that is the University of the Arts London (UAL).

The short courses division of Central Saint Martins offers one of the UK’s largest short course programmes for arts and design. Their programme provides students with an environment where they are free to try new things, increase their confidence and nurture their talent.

It’s world-renowned reputation has been forged though the fusion of a diverse range of practices alongside the continuous questioning of the cores of each discipline and the encouragement of both disruptive and collaborative mind-sets to create the unexpected.

Students are given the confidence to challenge accepted norms, provoke dialogue and discover ideas never previously comprehended.

With CSM graduates becoming world leaders in their creative fields, their nurturing of imagination, curiosity, diligence and ambition speaks for itself.

Course Structure

As with all of the HJI programmes we strive to ensure we offer as much flexibility as is possible. As such we have created multiple variations of the programme to accommodate different schedules and areas of interest. 

1) Full programme*:

Start date September 2019

x1 project per month except for the final month -

Semester 1: Sept, Oct, Nov 2019

Semester 2: Jan, Feb, March 2020

Semester 3: May, June, July (x2) 2020 

*All projects are heavily supported with dedicated workshop time. However, the work load is designed to accommodate those with other commitments such a part time work, additional study or family obligations.

2) Half programme:

Start date Option A: September 2019

Start date Option B: November 2019

Option A – Design / Research based courses: Sept, Oct, Nov 2019, Feb, June 2020 (x5 total)

Option B - Workshop based courses: Nov 2019, Jan, March, May July 2020 (x5 total)

3) Individual projects:

As we will be releasing the project list* in advance this allows students to cherry pick the subject matter that they are most interested in. This option is ideal for those with existing experience wanting develop areas they feel lacking in or those wanting the most flexibility. 

All projects are available as stand-alone courses with the exception of January which must be done having completed the November project.

*This will be announced in late March, simultaneous to the opening of the course booking.

For more information, contact us or email: info@hjiasia.com.

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