October 2019 sees the launch of an outstanding collaboration

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In October 2019, Hatton Jewellery Institute (HJI) will launch a new one year programme in collaboration with Central Saint Martins Short Course Unit in London.

The collaboration with Central Saint Martins introduces a whole new creative dimension.

Central Saint Martins (CSM) in London has long been a byword for world class design. CSM’s  history stretches back over 150 years and alumni include some of the foremost names in international art and design. Its reputation is founded not only on the quality of its tuition, but on a creative ethos rooted in challenge and innovation. CSM is now part of the University of the Arts, London (UAL).

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HJI founder Nathalie Melville is a Central Saint Martins alumna. Ten years ago, she founded a community of jewellers in Hong Kong that embodied the same creative impulse as her alma mater. Now established as the Hatton Jewellery Institute, HJI is already acknowledged as a centre of excellence. It brings together a community of students and established jewellers that thrive in each others company. Some are complete beginners, others, at the other end of the creative spectrum, have launched their own brands and return to hone specialist skills with acknowledged master craftsmen.

The launch of the new one year programme however offers unprecedented opportunity:

The course is digitally led by first year BA (Hons) CSM tutor Anastasia Young in London, in conjunction with our experienced HJI instructors in Hong Kong.

It combines a focus on design (Category A) and on craftsmanship (Category B). Both are interwoven into a single course spanning three semesters. Semester 1 will start in October 2019. Semester 2 will follow in January 2020 and Semester 3 in May 2020.

This exciting new course addresses significant questions about the very nature of design, provoking enquiry and analysis, encouraging experimentation and offering workshop based tuition in order to translate design into craft

The full programme is comprised of ten distinct projects which develop on a month by month basis across three terms. Each project has a specific focus and combines a mix of one to one tutorials, of group discussion and experimentation and of individual research or workshop experience.

However, one of the hallmarks of HJI is flexibility. We all lead complex and busy lives! As such, the programme, although deriving most benefit as a whole, is also designed to allow for choice between either the design or craftsmanship projects. In addition, there is  the flexibility to cherry pick individual monthly projects on an ad hoc basis.

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The programme builds month on month, not only to perfect a range of skills, but also to enable each student to develop their own creative voice. What is design? How do I interpret an idea? From whence do I draw inspiration? How is this translated into a piece of jewellery? What level of skill is needed? What techniques are employed? How may I experiment? Explore? Investigate? Challenge? Discover?

The journey is an exciting one, as well suited to the novice as to those who already have skill or experience! Jewellery is an exquisite art form and the designing and making of a piece of jewellery from scratch is profoundly satisfying. Ultimately, it is an exercise in self-expression in which vision and skill combine to fashion something that is uniquely your own.

Interested in learning more about the Central Saint Martins (CSM) programme? Email us: info@hjiasia.com to book a tour at our Sheung Wan, Hong Kong location.

Rachel Mamaradlo