Jewellery Making: Polishing

Duration : 1 SESSION / 2.5 hours
Availability: Rolling schedule

The course is intended for jewellers and professionals. The course covers all aspects of polishing. Technical information about which mops and polishes to use. The sequence of finishing and how to achieve the best results. Polishing is the most important part of jewellery making. Turning all your hard work into a professionally finished product.



Session 1 Level 1

  • Introduction to polishing, the fundamentals.

  • The equipment.

  • The polishes to use for different materials.

  • Different finishes and how to apply them.



No previous experience required.
Age 14 +







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Cancellation and Rebooking Policy:

Hatton Jewellery Institute operates a 24 hour cancellation policy on all classes. Late cancellation will result in forfeiting of class or re-booking fee.

1. Each student can rebook the course for 2 times.
2. Re-book class more than 24 hours before class  at $200/ per class.
3. Absence – no rebooking could be arranged.

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