New Classes For 2018 - Hand Engraving and Design


This September, we launched a range of new courses specialising in Jewellery Design and Hand Engraving. As Hong Kong’s dedicated Jewellery Institute, we believe in making the fine jewellery industry more accessible with a “next step” approach. We provide technical training and a valuable support network that has nurtured a growing number of students who have gone on to establish their own jewellery brands. From courses teaching traditional skills to mentoring and creative co-working space with flexible bench rental, we continue to expand our offering to cover the skills you need to create original pieces.

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The Jewellery Design Courses are led by Bianca Chong, a London College of Fashion alumni, Bianca obtained an MA in Fashion Artefact and has since launched her own jewellery brand Answer B. As a jeweller, she loves to create jewelleries by hand and shares her techniques gained throughout her creative journey.

Our series of Jewellery Design Courses has been designed to take students on a natural route through the creative journey, starting with the Creative Process course which helps guide students to learn how to express their style from concept mood boards through to design development and artistic rendering. No previous experience is necessary, our courses are open to all ages from 14+. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to design jewellery, this is the course to begin with!

Our range of Jewellery Design Courses covers Technical Drawing by Hand and Technical Drawing - CAD which takes students on to advance their skills with the software Rhino producing 3D rendering of their designs. Students can opt for a Technical Drawing Combination course which provides both hand and CAD skills to create your designs. Take your foundation skills to the next level with Fine Jewellery Rendering and Illustration, offering a detailed course on colour rendering using gouache or watercolours.

Special Techniques: Hand Engraving

Traditional skills are at the forefront of our teaching process. Strong believers in equipping the next generation of craftsmen and women with technical jewellery making skills, we are proud to be offering a new range of Hand Engraving courses led by the talented Stephany Gabriel. A highly skilled classic Fine Hand Engraver, Stephany has spent over a decade working for the top jewellery and luxury goods brands in the world. Her own brand Liberte Engraving offers bespoke hand engraving to private clients, providing access to custom hand drawing to the masses.


Begin with the Hand Engraving for Beginners where you’ll learn how to engrave on a choice of different surfaces. Best suited for jewellers and professionals, the course enables jewellers to cover the fundamentals of engraving, create personalised designs and engrave with a professional finish. Once students have obtained the foundation skills, they can move on to Hand Engraving for Intermediates and Advanced Engraving enabling jewellers to engrave complex designs with shading and background treatment.

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