Jan started his jewellery career by completing a traditional apprenticeship with a jewellery shop downstairs and a workshop above. Starting with the very basics of chain repairs and ring sizing, then moving on to making new designs. Then progressing onto gem mounting and setting. Finally in the last 6 months going on to antique restoration, which is a real challenge, as to knowing what’s been done before and making it look like it did when new. After finishing his apprenticeship Jan came to HK and worked for a HK jewellery company and found the pace shockingly fast. Jan then decided to start his own jewellery company to achieve his dream of creating his own collections and selling them in high end department stores. Having attained a consignment at Japanese department store Seibu and Loft he achieved great success. After 20 years running his own company and workshop Jan decided he wanted to join a jewellery company. As he said working on your own can be very lonely and boring.

Since joining Hatton Jewellery Institute as Course Director, he has implemented a variety of new courses. From the challenging locket project all the way to basic and advanced gem setting. Jan’s passion for jewellery is never ending. Hatton Jewellery Institute allows Jan to share his unique knowledge of jewellery making with his students. Having had such training in a traditional workshop he is able to share special techniques and tips only learnt in commercial workshops. The tradition of jewellery making is an art form handed down from generation to generation. Something you do not learn in a jewellery making college course. This combination of incredible knowledge and his passion for jewellery continues in his classes. Its a passion that is obvious to see when attending his courses. There is always something to learn in jewellery, whether having had twenty years on the bench there are always new techniques. As technology increases its influence in jewellery manufacturing, the ancient and traditional skill are still irreplaceable and a must know for any serious jeweller to master. In Jan's words “It’s the best job in the world”.