HJI instructor and contemporary fashion and jewellery designer, Rachel Yeung tells us more about her designs and inspirations.


When did you first realise you wanted to be a jewellery designer?
I have always been interested in arts and crafts since I was young.. It wasn’t until later years when studying merchandising, I discovered a passion in design and at same time a love for jewellery. It was then when I knew I wanted to create and share my vision of jewellery to others.


Tell us about your design style. What makes your design unique in the industry?


What kind of person wears your jewellery? How do you want them to feel?
I want my jewellery to make people feel confident and beautiful. Someone who likes something timeless yet unique.



As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?
I believe inspiration is everywhere - from details in everyday objects. I’m always drawn to vintage jewellery. There’s something mystical about them.


What is your favourite jewellery tool? What’s your favourite technique?
Filing and sanding paper is something I find very calming. It’s the part of process where am able to take my piece of jewellery to the next level.  Adding a new touch, whether to smooth or add more texture.. It’s what’s needed to give my piece the edge to creating a beautiful finish.


Who are your favourite designers?
Naomi Filmer, Shimell Madden, Annina Vogel.


How do you decide what you want to create?
By letting my creativity do its own talking.


When is enough enough?
When you add the right amount of details to make a piece complete.


Three words that sum up your brand identity.
Contemporary, unconventional, sculptural.


What is the favourite piece you have ever created – and what made it so special?
A long chain I’ve created in my Frozen collection. This piece is balanced between contemporary and class. Its something you can wear every day, but elegant to dress up with.



When not working, what takes up your time… any hobbies?
A good movie and popcorn.

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