Cindy Wang


Stella Wang Jewellery, founded by Cindy Wang, is a collection of handcrafted pieces inspired by natural, organic shapes transformed into classic and expressive pieces.  Cindy, also instructor at HJI, takes a moment with us, and tells us more about her inspirations.


When did you first realise you wanted to be a jewellery designer?
In 1985 when I got my first brooch. It was quite rare opportunity to find jewellery in my hometown in China. From that day onwards, I knew I wanted to make jewellery for a living.


Tell us about your design style. What makes your design unique in the industry?
Simple and elegant. Pieces that are able to convey feelings and emotions.


What kind of person wears your jewellery? How do you want them to feel?
Those who love to express themselves. I want my pieces to embody confidence, and the ability to express a unique identity.



As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from where I live – I live on an island outside Hong Kong, far removed from city life and very close to nature. I am inspired by sleek, natural lines and incorporate them in my designs and my products.


What is your favourite jewellery tool? What’s your favourite technique?
I like to use them all! As luxury bags are some people’s obsession, jewellery tools are mine! I like to learn about all kinds of tools and spend time searching for new ones.

In terms of technique, I especially like using the hammer. It’s incredibly useful in shaping all kinds of metals into different kinds of shapes – many of which you might not expect!


Who are your favourite designers?
Andy Warhol.


How do you decide what you want to create?
When I do custom pieces, the client’s story lies at the heart. I try to understand my clients needs and stories so that I can help make something truly unique and special to them.


Three words that sum up your brand identity.
Simple, classic, expressive.


What is the favourite piece you have ever created – and what made it so special?
My lily flower hair pin.

I was inspired by the styles and customs from my mother’s era. During this time, the tradition in Chinese culture after marriage was to take photos with a bouquet of lilies. When my parents were married, they didn’t have the income to perform such ceremony.. I created a hairpin as a gift for my mother as a reminder of her of love story with my Dad.


When not working, what takes up your time… any hobbies?
I play with my daughter and try to enjoy every moment with her.

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